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BMC Medical F1A Full Face Mask

BMC Medical F1A Full Face Mask

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  • Description

    BMC Medical F1A  Full Face mask.

    Superior performance delivers maximum comfort. With lighter design and effective treatment, BMC-FM1A will offer you and your family a good night sleep.

    Remarkable comfort :

    Dual-wall cushion will significantly fit for your face with minimal pressure points. The slide-in design provides you with high level seal and effective treatment.

    User Friendly

    Thanks to its 5 parts compact design, you can reassemble it instantly. Less parts, more convenience.

    Visual Freedom

    With the unique design, your vision is totally released and you will have the chance to enjoy the world as well as therapy.


    REF: F1A Small
    REF: F1A  Medium
    REF: F1A  Large


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