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BMC iVolve N2 (Small-Medium-Large)

BMC iVolve N2 (Small-Medium-Large)

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  • Description

    BMC Medical  iVolve N2

    Simple Design, More You.

    With an extremely simple design, the iVolve N2 nasal mask gives you ultra-comfort.
    Its soft silicon cushion provides you with a lightweight, perfect fit. Quiet venting feature enables you and your bed partner to enjoy an undisturbed sleep.


    Perfect Fit: The Elastic forehead pad gives you a wider range of comfort to adjust your dynamic facial contour.

    Stay Simple: With its 3 part compact design, you can reassemble it instantly. A Perfect balance of ultra-lightweight and its unique comfort delivers more compliance.

    Gentle Experience: Intellectual vent design disperses air flow gently offering you and your bed partner complete peace.


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