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Electric chair 210

Electric chair 210

Εlectric chair of high quality and aesthetics.

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  • Description

    Εlectric chair of high quality and aesthetics. Suitable for use indoors or outdoors. It is designed with four wheels and two others for safety. The two main wheels turn 360Ο on the chair’s axis. It is particularly easy to use and to more within limited spaces (contains remote control-adaptor-batteries)

    • Seat with 48cm.
    • Seat depth 48cm.
    • Seat height 66-75cm.
    • Back height 48cm
    • Total height 100cm
    • Tota width 54cm
    • Total length 104cm
    • Footrest length 37-45cm
    • Armrest height 27cm
    • Retracting back with angle of 90Ο -120Ο degrees
    • Front wheels 8″ motion 12″
    • Angle of ascent 12Ο
    • Ascension of wayside 5.3cm
    • Radius of rotation 89.7cm
    • Maximum speed 8km/h
    • Independence from 20km to 30km
    • Total weight 17 kilos
    • Maximum weight per person 115kilos


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