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Flutter – Clement Clarke

Flutter – Clement Clarke

An alternative solution to the problem of mucus accumulation in the lungs.

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  • Description

    Flutter is a palm size device which does not require power supply or battery, and it can be used at any time and in any place, at home or at work.

    The user simply expires for a while in the Flutter’s mouthpiece causing vibrations in a steel pellet inside it. Pressure and vibrations, that are transferred through the expiration to the cubicle and the pellet, transmit back to the lungs, so begins the Flutter’s positive effect.

    The vibrations affect every bronchus, thus mucus loosen and finally is detached from the bronchus.

    While this happens, changes in air pressure (which cause the vibrations of te pellet) keep small airways open to allow air anter and exit the lungs.

    As a result of this kinetic process, mucus move from the smaller to the bigger airways from where it is easy, with mild cough, to be expelled

    Proper and regullar use of the Flutter helps thousands of people everyday to ”clean their lungs” and it is a prestigious and effective way to feel relieved from the emission of mucus.

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