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PARI BOY Classic

PARI BOY Classic

The new PARI BOY Classic – The all-rounder for acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

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  • Description

    The new PARI BOY Classic – The all-rounder for acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

    The PARI BOY Classic now features the excellent therapeutic efficiency customers expect with a new, modern design. The PARI BOY Classic can be used to treat conditions such as bronchial asthma, allergic asthma, and acute or chronic bronchitis.

    • Inhalation times of under 5 minutes with 2.5 ml inhalation solution.
    • PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser for efficient lung deposition even with short inhalation times.
    • With PIF control – the integrated training tool helps patients learn an effective inhalation technique. The Pari LC Sprint nebuliser is fitted with the PIF-Control System (PIF: Peak Inspiratory Flow). PIF helps you to control the inhalation of your medication. If you breathe in too quickly, you will notice a gentle resistance – this is a sign for you to relax your breathing a little and not to breathe in so sharply. If you don’t feel any resistance, you are inhaling correctly and can be confident in knowing that your medication is getting to your lower airways. A steady, relaxed breath in means that more of your medication is delivered to the right place in your lungs.


    Technical Data PARI BOY Classic:

    • Housing dimensions: 18,5cm x 13cm x 15cm
    • Weight: 1700gr
    • Sound pressure level: 54 dB(A)
    • Supply voltage / Mains frequency: 220-240V / 50Hz
    • Pressure: 1,6bar
    • Compressor flow: 5 l/min

    General Nebuliser Data  PARI  LC Sprint:

      • Size: 10cm x 10cm x 4cm
      • Weight: 31g-33g
      • Minimum compressor flow: 3,0 l/min
      • Minimum operating pressure: 0,5bar
      • Maximum compressor flow: 6,0 l/min
      • Maximum operating pressure: 2,0bar
      • Minimum fill volume: 2ml
      • Maximum fill volume: 8ml
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