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PARI eFlow® rapid

PARI eFlow® rapid

Modern inhalation therapy, it’s twice as fast.

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  • Description

    PARI eFlow® rapid with eBase Controller

    Modern inhalation therapy, it’s twice as fast.

    eFlow® rapid enables quick and efficient inhalation significantly reducing the treatment burden ¹ ².

    The  eBase controller can be used with the  eFlow rapid nebulizer handset for general use as well as with drug-specific nebulizer handsets (e.g. το Altera® για το Cayston®)

    The main advantages at a glance:

    • Short treatment times mean better quality of life.
    • Quiet running for discrete use.
    • Light, compact and portable. Can be run on either batteries or mains power for greater mobility.
    • Easy to clean, handset can be disinfected and auto-claved for the highest standards of hygiene.
    • Display delivers feedback during inhalation.


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