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Oxygenium Co. has a modern fully equipped with all necessary indicators Technical Department, manned by technical experts with many years of experience who will ensure the maintenance or repair of your old device properly and quickly with:

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  • Capability of receipt or delivery to your place (upon request)
  • Assessment and cost estimation of maintenance
  • Written confirmation of maintenance work/measurement
  • Confirmation to social insurance
  • Replacement device (subsequent to agreement and availability of the device)


Oxygen concentrators

  • AirSep: VisionAire, NewLife Elite, Quiet5, AirOutlet, Intensity 8lpm, Intensity 10lpm, Intensity DualFlow.
  • Devilbiss: 515, Devilbiss 525.
  • Nidek Nuvo: Nuvo Quiet, Nuvo 8lpm, Lite.
  • Philips Respironics: EverFlo, EverFlo Q, Millennium.
  • Invacare: Platinum, Perfecto.

Portable oxygen concentrators

  • Inogen Inc.: Inogen ONE G3, Inogen ONE G3 HF, Inogen ONE G2 (Authorized service provider).
  • Sequal.: Eclipse 5
  • AirSep: FreeStyle 3, FreeStyle 5, LifeStyle, Focus.



  • PARI GmbH: TurboBOY SX, JuniorBOY SX, BOY N, BOY XL, COMPACT, SINUS (Authorized service provider).
  • Flaem: DocNeb, AirMist, F700, F1500, F2000, TravelNeb, Wi.Neb, Wi.Neb GO
  • Devilbiss: PulmoAide.
  • Philips Respironics: Family, PortaNeb, InnoSpire.


Respiratory Systems

  • SmartPFT: Spiro, Touch, CO Transfer, Bodybox


Apnea devices

  • ResMed
  • BMCmedidal


Suction devices

  • Flaem (Authorized service provider)



  • Nonin, FingerFox
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